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Sony Unveils PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita

“We’re confident that the PlayStation Vita will be the first device that truly blurs those lines between entertainment and real life.”

Sony executive Kaz Hirai was pretty confident in these words when Sony unveiled their next-generation handheld device, the PlayStation Vita, at yesterday’s E3 2011 press conference. “Vita means life,” Sony Entertainment Kazuo Hirai said, emphasizing that the device will allow you to interact with games like never before.

Vita Specs:PlayStation Vita

  • Two analog sticks
  • Front and rear cameras
  • 5-inch OLED screen (touch capable)
  • Front and back pads for additional control
  • 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities (partnership with AT&T)
  • Flash card media
  • Motion sensors
  • “The most advanced CPU in its class”

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was demoed as. The game features both traditional button/stick-based controls as well as touchscreen and accelerometer controls, with visuals up to par with its PS3 counterparts.  See the demo below.

The Wi-Fi model for the Vita will be priced at $249, while the 3G/Wi-Fi model will be priced at $299. No word yet on both the AT&T data plans and carriers outside the US yet but will come in the near future.

Plans for the Vita to be released globally are aimed at this Fall 2011.



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