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PlayStation Announces 3D Monitor

PlayStation 3D Monitor

The PlayStation Vita wasn’t the only thing PlayStation was showing the world at the E3 conference—they also unveiled their very first PlayStation-brand 3D monitor.PlayStation 3D Monitor

The monitor has a resolution of 1920×1080, two HDMI inputs, and one set of component and composite inputs.

The monitor also packs 2ch subwoofer speakers, and a 176-degree viewing angle.  Measuring at 35mm, it’s very reminiscent of Sony’s recent all-in-one desktop PCs (CNET).

The screen can display 3D video, which includes games on the PlayStation 3, as well as two different 2D video streams in a new display mode that shows two completely different pictures (depending on which pair of shutter glasses you have on).  This lets two players in the same room play using the entire screen rather than a split-screen view (PCMag).


PlayStation 3D Glasses

Sony plans to launch the monitor Fall 2011 as a bundle for $499, which includes a pair of 3D glasses, a copy Resistence 3D, and an HDMI cable.

You’ll be able to purchase additional 3D glasses for $60 each

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