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iOS 5 Hints on Future Products

iOS 5 Hints

With the iOS 5 Beta 1 version available right now, there are people who are looking into the code to see if they can find out any hints of any future products Apple have in the works. It turns out that, in the USB section, models listed hints of an iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. However, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of an iPod Touch 5.

iOS 5According to TUAW, there are declarations buried in the upcoming iOS system files that reference “iPad3,1” and “iPad3,2” as well as “iPhone4,1” and “iPhone4.2.” The iPhone is labeled as “4” because the iPhone 5 will be the 4th generation unit, because the iPhone 3G was technically a 1st generation device.

Could the lack of the iPod Touch 5 mean that they’re stepping away from the Touch as a standalone mp3 player, thus putting the iPhone 5 into the spotlight? Sources believe this could be the case, with no new generation of the iPod released in its usual timeslot.iPod Touch 5?

This would fit into the prediction that the new iPhone 5 would be released this September rather than its usual summer release date.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there will never be a new generation iPod Touch. It could just mean that the release dates will now be moved around to accommodate the iPhone 5.

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