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iPhone 3GS Running on iOS 5

If you can’t wait to see what features await us on the new iOS 5, a user on YouTube has posted a video of his iPhone 3GS running on the beta 1 version of the new Apple iOS 5, giving us a full detailed tour of how the new mobile system will look and run.

In the beginning of the video, it’s clear that no cables are involved, meaning your syncing days will be faster and smoother.

For you 3GS users out there (and there are still a lot of you), you’ll be happy to know that this video proves that the new iOS 5 will still work with your phone (sorry 3G users).  Unfortunately, as the user says, the camera on the 3GS doesn’t allow editing of the photos, possibly due to the “restraint on the processor.”

There are a few bugs in the iOS and you’ll also notice that Safari still hasn’t changing–no new tab system–but keep in mind that this is still a beta version and will (hopefully) be fixed by the time it’s available.  Fingers crossed!

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