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Modern Key Design for Men

Modern Key Design

If you forget your keys all the time, or if you have a father who does and want to give him a Father’s Day present that’s both functional and not-too-serious, then the Modern Key Design for Men should fit the bill (or should I say, “Fit the keyhole”).  Just attach your keys to this key design and your key-forgetting days will be over (hopefully).

“How will my key fit in the keyhole?” you ask?  Well, the chrome-plated key design comes with its own key—all you’ll have to do is attach to your keychain with the rest of your keys, insert the supplied key in the whole and you’ll never forget again.  The design will make it hard to forget as it’s sure to get your attention each time you pass it.

So, convenient place to put your keys so you won’t forget them…check.  Keys placed in a particular male area to add to the humor…check

The key design is made from high quality chrome-played zinc and measures 3 x 4.5 inches.

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