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Plans to release Sprint iPhone

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9to5Mac has received word that Sprint is currently undergoing testing for the iPhone.  The design of the phone is also similar to the current iPhone 4, which could possibly be the iPhone 4S device that supports all carriers that been rumored and hinted at for quite some time now.  Rumors say that Apple ordered Sprint-compatible cell towers to use on their campus for testing since late last year.

Sources also say that although Sprint’s version of the iPhone is in the works, it doesn’t currently support 4G bands.  Apple, however, is looking for cell engineers in Kansas, where Sprint HQ is based.

The lack of 4G bands in the current version may mean that Sprint has to push back until late 2012.  If Sprint plans on releasing an iPhone this fall, however, it will not feature 4G.

TalkAndroid says that both Sprint and T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone 4S, in a “kind of leap-frog system where AT&T/Verizon take turns getting the newer model first, then with Sprint/T-Mobile,” meaning that AT&T and Verizon would get first dibs on the newer iPhone model while Spring and T-Mobile will have to wait.

The new Sprint iPhone will also have a data plan priced at $89.99/month instead of the $69.99/month.

What do you think?  Do you like this leap-frog system?  Would it convince some  people to switch to the carrier who gets the new iPhone first?

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