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Essential Travel Jacket for Men

Essential Travel Jacket

If you’re the kind of man (or know the kind of man) that doesn’t like to carry bags around to keep your personals with you, what other choice do you have but to carry them around?  Scottevest had these kinds of men in mind when they were developing their Essential Travel Jacket for Men, that’s for sure.

Though it may look like any standard jacket, it actually has 19 hidden pockets that are “perfect for your essentials,” which include your cell phone, passport, camera, water bottle and more.

Essential Travel Jacket

“Why do I need this” you may ask?  Well, tourists are one of the most targeted for robberies because they carry their essentials with them and because they don’t know the area too well.  With the Essential Travel Jacket, you’ll be able to keep your essentials close to you (closer than a bag), without even being noticed.  Bags can carry a lot of expensive things but no one would think a jacket could hold all of those.

Even with all your essentials in your jacket, you’ll feel comfortable with Scottevest’s Weight Management System, NoBulge design, which “evenly distribute the added weight of your devices, resulting in more comfort and less hassle.”

Not convinced?  Just read the reviews by actual customers.  The jacket is rated 4.5/5 stars.  Verified reviewer, Mr. Gadget from San Diego, CA says:

Even with all my stuff loaded in the jacket, it maintains a non-bulging appearance so you don’t look like an overstuffed hefty bag. You can certainly buy a lightweight jacket for less, but it will not have the quality or functionality of this excellent product.

Get your own Essential jacket at Scottevest!  Available in three colors.

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