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Tee Time Toilet Potty Putter

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If you, the man in your life, or your father can’t seem to find enough hours in his day to relax and play golf (all fathers apparently love to do, right?) then why not get him to spend some of those few minutes that he has to himself during potty time!

Why would you do this in the bathroom?  For one thing, people always knock before entering a bathroom so you won’t be distracted by family members.  Another reason is that you’ll be able to improve your game little by little each day.

A teacher in high school told us that a way to keep up with our readings is to read them while we’re in the bathroom.  We’re already sitting there, so we might make use of our time.  So why not work on your swing in the luxury of your own porcelain throne?

The kit comes with putting green, two golf balls, a golf club, a cup with flag, and an occupied sign to ensure no distractions.

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