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Wine Stein

Wine Stein

We wrote about the alternative the beer bottle but what about for those wine drinkers?  I don’t know about you but I’m always afraid I’m going to break those flimsy thin wine glasses before I even get to enjoy my wine.  Wine glasses were just not made to be held by big hands, were they?

Made by the same company that made the Hopside Down Beer Glass, this glass is made to look like a wine glass but has the build and sturdiness of a beer stein.  Don’t drink wine?  Then why not pour a bottle of your favorite beer and have the class and elegance of drinking wine without sacrificing that tough hand you’ve got?

Getting Fred & Friends’ Wine Stein is a no-brainer but it leaves the question, “A beer-lover’s wine glass or a wine-lovers beer glass?”  You choose.

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