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ROGUE Front Pocket Wallet

Rogue’s Front Pocket Wallet fits right your pants’ front pocket, offering added security and eliminates discomfort when you’re sitting down (as well as avoiding future sciatica).

This Front Pocket Wallet, you won’t experience any discomfort because, unlike a regular-shaped wallet, this one is designed to contour to the shape of your front pants’ pocket. And at just ¼” thick, you won’t have any unsightly bulges or wrinkles.

Rogue Front Pocket Wallet

The wallet has 3 slots for credit cards, an identification window, and a 10” bill compartment that holds both domestic and international currencies.

Rogue Front Pocket Wallet

With a front pocket wallet, you’ll be able to keep your cash, identification, and credit cards safe from pickpockets because there’s less access to it than if your wallet was in your back pocket.

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