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Staple Free Staple

Staple Free Stapler

Scenario time:  You just finished your final paper that’s due in 5 minutes and all you need to do to seal the deal is staple your paper together.  Trouble is, your once-handy stapler is out of staples and you need to get to class.  With the Staple Free Staple from ThinkGeek, you’ll never encounter this problem.

This gadget keeps papers together by cutting tiny flaps in the corners of your papers, and folds it in on itself, tucked in a tiny paper pocket.

Staple Free Stapler

Staples have become a scourge to the office environment. Those shiny metal wires have jammed in thumbs, caught on sweaters, and torn papers. The horrors are just too numerous to mention. Recently, at ThinkGeek World Domination Headquarters, an entire afternoon was spent watching a government mandated corporate safety video that showed, in excruciating slo-motion Tarantinoesque detail, just how terrible accidents with staples can be.

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