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iPhone 4S/5 Could Have Major Redesign

Remember those iPhone 4S/5 rumors we wrote about earlier?  The one with the edge-to-edge screen design?  Well, it turns out those rumors could, indeed, be true.

According to BoyGenius Report, the next-generation iPhone will not simply be an upgraded 4, but a complete overhaul.  Basically, the new iPhone won’t just feature internal upgrades (like the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G), but will actually have a “radical” new case design.  Unfortunately, there are no further details into the actual design of the phone will be.

Thisismynext reported last week that the next-generation phone, however, will feature a teardrop-shaped design (note: the picture isa mock-up, not an actual device design).

iphone 5

About the release, the consensus seems to be that Apple will announce the new phone this upcoming September during its annual September Fall music event.  However, BGR’s sources suggest that Apple may actually hold an event at some point this August to announce the next-generation phone, with availability as early as the last week of August.

Will this August announcement and release mean a new tradition of releasing Apple products or will it just iPhone-specific?  No one knows yet.

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