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Angry Birds Board Game

Angry Birds Board Game

Admit it, you’re addicted to the Angry Birds app and you can’t get enough of it.  But what happens if your beloved gadget runs out of battery from playing too much Angry Birds?  Fortunately, you can play the game outside in real life (where no birds or pigs are harmed while playing).Angry Birds Board Game 2

When it comes to Angry Birds, everybody loves the ability to wreak havoc on the intricately designed contraptions the pigs are in but with this game, you’ll be able to test your creativity and create your own structures.

The game includes three Angry Birds, green pigs, a slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces and mission cards.  Players draw a card and build the structure that the card shows before their opponents launch an Angry Bird to try and demolish it, and the pigs down to win points.

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