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iPhone 4S vs Blackberry

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iPhone 4S vs BlackBerryThe world was waiting with excitement for the release of a new iPhone version which occurred in the middle of October. Once this new version, the iPhone 4S, was released it became an instant sensation across the globe. In fact, sales of the iPhone4S have been so strong that Apple has taken a huge chunk of the smartphone market away from its competitors. One of these feeling the pinch, is Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry devices. In fact, the sales of their Operating System 7 have seen a major decrease which has been attributed to the popularity of the iPhone 4S. RIM is planning to launch a major renovation to their smartphone line. In fact, BlackBerry is planning on releasing their first ever touch screen edition to compete with the iPhone and Android devices. However, this release will not occur sometime until 2012. Until then, many predict BlackBerry sales to be rocky.

Not only is the iPhone 4S causing a decline in BlackBerry sales but other factors are occurring as well. For instance, the decline in prices of previous iPhone models is also grabbing some of BlackBerry’s share. This would include substantial price decreases of both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.

In the iPhone 4S’s first weekend alone, more than 4 million handsets were sold. Service provider, AT & T commented that in less than one week, it activated service on over 1 million of the new iPhone 4S phones. The BlackBerry 7’s sales have significantly impacted as consumers are opting for the iPhone 4S over the new BlackBerry line. In fact, many analysts predict that this decline in sales will continue for several quarters for BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion. Time will tell but the iPhone 4S sales are predicted to continue being strong especially through this holiday season.

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