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iPhone 5 Review

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iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5

As with any other Apple product, there was much hype and excitement building up to the release of the iPhone 5. With so much speculation and anticipation, it would be difficult for any mobile to meet consumers high expectations. But, with the widespread release of the latest iPhone, it is safe to say that consumers are in agreement: it is better than they ever expected. Let’s take a look at what the iPhone 5 has to offer, and what notable improvements there are from the iPhone 4S.

Upgraded features make the iPhone 5 considerably better than it’s predecessor, including: a 4 inch LED-backlit IPS TFT display compared to 3.5 inches, A6 Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor compared to the A5, 1GB of RAM compared to just 512MB, and a 1.2MP front-facing camera compared to VGA. The iPhone 5 is also running the latest Apple mobile operating system, iOS6, which includes various improvements to the user interface, including their own Maps navigational service, and facebook and social networking integration; which means you can view notifications on a dedicated menu, as well as view facebook friend’s birthdays on your calendar, import contact information into your address book, share photos and videos instantly and more.

The iPhone 5 will also offer simultaneous HD video and image recording, lightening fast 4G LTE connectivity, and up to 64GB of internal storage. Games are vibrant and run smoothly thanks to the triple-core graphics provided by the GPU, and users will notice that voice recognition with Siri is better than ever. Other connectivity features include Bluetooth, WiFi, TV-Out support, A-GPS and more. There is also a photo and video editor, PDF reader with iBooks, and virtual storage service with iCloud.

The iPhone 5 is unmistakably one of the best smart phones on the market today, and with each edition, Apple reclaims the #1 spot for the most popular, and fastest selling mobile phone on the market. With plenty of other competitors in it’s price range, the iPhone 5 is a solid contender thanks to it’s abundance of features, and it’s sleek design.

This post was written by Chloe Parker, editor for MobilePhones.org.uk, where you can read about the latest Apple and smartphone news and rumors.

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