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PowerCurl – Cord Management for Apple MagSafe Adapters

September 13th, 2009 No comments

I am not a MacBook owner so I don’t pretend to know how much of a nuisance transporting the cords and adapters are.  However, I can tell you that transporting the adapter for my Vaio notebook is quite an affair.  Between rigging up the cords to stay put around the adapter and then untangling the mess that unwinded in my bag, it becomes quite a process.  I don’t want to draw any conclusions too quickly, but I can’t imagine the process is too much different for those who wield a Mac.

In just 24 hours, the community over at has developed a solution to the cord management for Mac adapters in both the 60W and 85W varieties – called the PowerCurl.

The PowerCurl fits around the adapter box and includes a clip to keep the cord tight and manageable.  The supersweet design of the PowerCurl also keeps the adapter elevated to keep the unit from overheating.  Orange, sexy, and practical, and only $9.99 the PowerCurl is affordable as well.

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Digidudes – Keychain Tripods

August 25th, 2009 No comments

Novelty gadget accessories will continue to thrive as products for as long as companies continue to manufacture gadgets.  One of the newest such novelties is actually finding itself to be quite useful.

Meet the Digidudes.  Each Digidude is a tripod.  The legs pull out of the body area to create the base, and the head of the character screws right off providing a convenient base for most compact digital cameras, Flip cameras, and other related gadgetry.  (I wouldn’t trust the little thing to hold your DSLR with your super-zooming-large lens though…just a word to the wise out there).

These little tripods could end up coming in handy in travel situations where carrying a full-sized tripod is inconvenient or even impossible.  Digidudes are not available for sale on the mass market yet, but is having a special pre-sale of them for the low price of just $19.99.

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The SlingBack – Wire. Less.

June 2nd, 2009 No comments

To show you how truly cutting edge GadgetMETER is in reporting on the newest gadgets of all shapes, sizes, and purposes we have decided to feature a product that is not even in production yet.  Enter the SlingBack.

The SlingBack is the latest and greatest in cable and wire management.  The SlingBack is a universal wire retractor geared toward making your cords and cables easier to manage in a stylish and fun way.  Wire retractors are no new product, however they all come with wires pre-encased and only exist for one specific purpose.  The SlingBack is out to change all of that.  The Slingback comes without a cord preloaded in the device.  It is up to the user to choose which cable or cord to manage and shorten.

To use the SlingBack, simply pry open the casing (don’t worry about breaking it, it is held together by magnets) and place a cord in.  Put the casing back together, and give one side of the cord a pull to let it retract and coil inside of the SlingBack.  The SlingBack comes with rubber pads on the bottom so that it does not slip and slide all over the place, and also contains stackability features with the inter-locking flower design.  The SlingBack is not yet for sale in stores.  When it is released to stores it will cost $15.  However, if you are a smart shopper you will order one at the SlingBack presale for only $9.99!


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Sony Ericsson w350

May 22nd, 2009 3 comments

As mobile phones evolve the lines between electronic devices become thinner.  With Apple’s iPhone blurring the lines between PDA, cell phone, music player, and internet browser, many other companies have felt the pressure to follow suit.  Mp3 capable phones are nothing intrinsically new (think LG Chocolate) but Sony Ericsson has recently re-entered the scene by  releasing their w350 as a mashup between mobile phone and Walkman media player.

The most notable thing about the new Sony cell piece is not its integrated phone and media capabilites.  Rather, the most notable things about Sony Ericsson’s w350 is the design.  It seems that in an effort to combine capabilites and gadgets, the have opted to add in the retro flip element.  The flip mouthpiece is something that has not been seen on cell phones since the late 90’s and perhaps first year after 2000.  The only functionality the flip piece provides are the controls for the Walkman feature – which could have, and should have, been easily integrated into the keypad of the device.  The retro flip piece is an unbecoming feature to the phone, and makes it appear to be rather “cheap”.  It is a shame too, becuase Sony Ericsson did have a pretty good thing going…

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Good Morning Coffee

February 25th, 2009 No comments

Every morning in the northeastern United States, millions of people wake up, stumble around in the cold to make their coffee, and then stand around in the cold waiting for their coffee to brew.  Thankfully, someone had the smarts to invent a coffee maker that is able to have coffee ready when you get out of bed.

Timer set coffee makers may not be the newest innovation or piece of gadgetry, but you have to admit that they are very convenient.  The newest in the line of coffee makers sport awesome neon lights, an alarm clock, and a timer that will have your coffee ready when you wake up.  The more upscale additions are able to accomodate larger groups (12 cups) and come with such other features as a temperature adjustable hot plate,  and easy clean up.

Does Size Really Matter?

February 18th, 2009 No comments

Here at GadgetMETER we recently featured Panasonic’s new 103 inch television.  As it turns out, the 103 inch plasma screen tv is not the biggest one.  Panasonic one upped themselves with a 150 inch version.

Before all of you out there with your average sized 36 inchers start to get self concious, it is important to note that it is improbable that the 150 incher will be available for sale to the public anytime soon.  So, there really is not need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about having a smaller television.  Besides, you would have to wonder where a TV that large could be kept.  It is unlikely that most people have enough room in their house, and on their walls to accomodate a 150 inch television.  Even if you could, you would have to watch it from the back yard in an attempt to preserve your eyesight.

Just to put things in perspective, check out the pictures and see how the size of the TV measures up against the average sized man.

Panasonic 150" HDTV

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Touch “Air” Hockey on Plasma TV

February 18th, 2009 No comments

Endgadget publicly unveiled what could be the first of a new range of innovative table games.  Panasonic unveiled a new 103 inch plasma T.V. which utilizes the multi-touch technology allowing users to play “air” or table hockey.

The plasma TV market got a bit smaller recently as technology companies Vizio and Pioneer announced that they were done competing in the Plasma TV market.  It seems that Panasonic has just begun.  The huge 103 inch television is almost double the size of any “normal” TV for sale today.  Adding in the multi-touch technology makes the TV almost seem like a grossly oversized smartphone.  Perhaps, they will add other “smartphone” games to these TV’s in the future, as an extra perk for buyers.

What does this mean for the future of the table gaming industry?  Should we expect Panasonic Multi-Touch Billiards or Foosball anytime soon?  Don’t count on it…But keep your eyes peeled for more innovation.

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