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Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

July 1st, 2011 No comments


Having a perfect swing is a great thing to have but it’s often hard to train by yourself if you don’t know that much about golfing.  You can put down that Wiimote, step away from the Wii and play like the pros in real life.

The Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid attaches to the shaft of your golf club, and rests on your forearm (works for both left- and right-handed users), forcing your wrist to have the proper form when you swing.  This improves your swing plane, club face alignment and most importantly, your follow through, resulting in a straighter hit as well as further distance.

Get your own today.

As you can see from the user reviews, this gadget actually works.  Despite being a little cumbersome to switch from club to club, users will actually see results in their golf swing.

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Angry Birds Board Game

June 29th, 2011 No comments

Angry Birds Board Game

Admit it, you’re addicted to the Angry Birds app and you can’t get enough of it.  But what happens if your beloved gadget runs out of battery from playing too much Angry Birds?  Fortunately, you can play the game outside in real life (where no birds or pigs are harmed while playing).Angry Birds Board Game 2

When it comes to Angry Birds, everybody loves the ability to wreak havoc on the intricately designed contraptions the pigs are in but with this game, you’ll be able to test your creativity and create your own structures.

The game includes three Angry Birds, green pigs, a slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces and mission cards.  Players draw a card and build the structure that the card shows before their opponents launch an Angry Bird to try and demolish it, and the pigs down to win points.

Get yours at ThinkGeek

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Apple Building Two iPhones for September Release

June 27th, 2011 No comments

iPhone 5

Could Apple be working on two iPhones, both to be released this September?  According to Fortune, they very well could be.

As you recall, we wrote how the next-generation iPhone would either be called the “4S” or “5.” It turns out that we could actually have two devices with each name.

We’ve heard rumors that the next iPhone would just be this year’s iPhone 3GS, nothing more than an internal upgrade.  Or it could be a new redesign altogether.  However, according to Fortune, Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore is telling clients to expect both 4S and 5 devices.  “With Nokia and RIMM struggling,” he says, “the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid range smart-phone market ($300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share.”

Whitmore believes that launching an iPhone 4S that is unlocked, priced around $349, and comes with a pre-paid voice plan would “drive significantly greater penetration” of that market.

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The “Record Your Own Bicycle Bell” Bell

June 24th, 2011 No comments

Record Your Own Sound Bicycle Bell


Bike bells are great because they let unknowing people that you and your bike are near them thus keeping you safe from accidents.  However, all bike bells sound the same and you’re an adult now.  Gone are the days where you try to fit in.  Now it’s the time of your life where you want to be different.

With The Record Your Own Bicycle Bell from ThinkGeek, you’ll be able to record 20 seconds of your own sound and use it as a bicycle bell!  That’s right, your very own sound.Record Your Own Bicycle Bell What’s great about this gadget is that it doesn’t just play your own sound but also features a piercing “DING” sound just in case your very own sound didn’t make it clear enough that you’re near.



  • Record your own bicycle sound (up to 20 seconds)
  • One button plays your own sound, another plays a loud piercing sound
  • Easy to mount on your handlebars (removable and adjustable)
  • Sound sensitive (volume-adjusting microphone)
  • Batteries: 3 LR44 1.5V (included!)
  • Dimensions: 2.18″ diameter x 2.75″ long


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U-Socket USB Wallplug

June 23rd, 2011 No comments


Everything these days seem to be powered via USB cable, doesn’t it?  For example, the iPhone comes with a USB cable and a USB adapter that plugs into your wall outlet.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just have to worry about one cable and not about the adapter since many of the cables for our gadgets double as a data port.

Fortunately, Fastmac realized that it would be easier to just combine the USB ports with everyday wall outlets by putting 2 USB ports right next to the standard wallplugs.U-Socket

These units are a little bigger than standard outlets, however, and require a 16-cubic-inch electrical box to accommodate it.  The two USB 3.0-compliant ports have a 12W of total charging power and are rated at 2.4A, meaning that they will charge a device like the iPad at full speed but will noticeably slow down when two devices are plugged in at the same time (Engadget).

If you’re not really into electrical work, don’t risk your well-being and electrocute yourself, so learn how to properly change outlets or pay to get it done.

Once you switch, you’ll be able to go from computer to wall socket without depending on those wall adapters.

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Amazon to Release Tablets in August/September

June 23rd, 2011 No comments

Amazon tablets

Remember those Amazon tablet rumors – codenamed “Hollywood” and “Coyote” — we wrote about a month ago?  Well, it turns out that those rumors could actually come true very soon.

According to Digitimes, Amazon is prepared to launch models as soon as August and September, with global sales of up to 4 million units for 2011 prepared (according to Digitimes’ unnamed source), thus releasing the units before the holiday shopping rush.

The timing of launch is to meet the peak sales period prior to Thanksgiving in the US and the year-end holidays in the US and Europe, the sources pointed out

According to their sources, the tablets will feature processors developed by Texas Instruments (yup, the same makers of your beloved TI-83 calculator), with Taiwan-based Wintek to supply touch panels, ILI Technology to supply LCD driver ICs, and Quanta Computer for the assembly of the tablets.  Monthly shipments are also expected to be around 700,000-800,000 units.  The tablet-users will also be able to stream movies from Amazon’s services.

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iPhone 4S/5 Could Have Major Redesign

June 22nd, 2011 No comments

Remember those iPhone 4S/5 rumors we wrote about earlier?  The one with the edge-to-edge screen design?  Well, it turns out those rumors could, indeed, be true.

According to BoyGenius Report, the next-generation iPhone will not simply be an upgraded 4, but a complete overhaul.  Basically, the new iPhone won’t just feature internal upgrades (like the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G), but will actually have a “radical” new case design.  Unfortunately, there are no further details into the actual design of the phone will be.

Thisismynext reported last week that the next-generation phone, however, will feature a teardrop-shaped design (note: the picture isa mock-up, not an actual device design).

iphone 5

About the release, the consensus seems to be that Apple will announce the new phone this upcoming September during its annual September Fall music event.  However, BGR’s sources suggest that Apple may actually hold an event at some point this August to announce the next-generation phone, with availability as early as the last week of August.

Will this August announcement and release mean a new tradition of releasing Apple products or will it just iPhone-specific?  No one knows yet.

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