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iPhone 4S vs Blackberry

December 19th, 2011 4 comments

iPhone 4S vs BlackBerryThe world was waiting with excitement for the release of a new iPhone version which occurred in the middle of October. Once this new version, the iPhone 4S, was released it became an instant sensation across the globe. In fact, sales of the iPhone4S have been so strong that Apple has taken a huge chunk of the smartphone market away from its competitors. One of these feeling the pinch, is Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry devices. In fact, the sales of their Operating System 7 have seen a major decrease which has been attributed to the popularity of the iPhone 4S. RIM is planning to launch a major renovation to their smartphone line. In fact, BlackBerry is planning on releasing their first ever touch screen edition to compete with the iPhone and Android devices. However, this release will not occur sometime until 2012. Until then, many predict BlackBerry sales to be rocky.

Not only is the iPhone 4S causing a decline in BlackBerry sales but other factors are occurring as well. For instance, the decline in prices of previous iPhone models is also grabbing some of BlackBerry’s share. This would include substantial price decreases of both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.

In the iPhone 4S’s first weekend alone, more than 4 million handsets were sold. Service provider, AT & T commented that in less than one week, it activated service on over 1 million of the new iPhone 4S phones. The BlackBerry 7’s sales have significantly impacted as consumers are opting for the iPhone 4S over the new BlackBerry line. In fact, many analysts predict that this decline in sales will continue for several quarters for BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion. Time will tell but the iPhone 4S sales are predicted to continue being strong especially through this holiday season.

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iPhone 4S Introduces iOS 5

October 25th, 2011 1 comment

iPhone 4S Introduces iOS 5

iOS 5, which now can be downloaded on the iPhone 3GS and above, is certainly an integral part of the Apple operating system family and of central importance to the success of the new iPhone 4S phone deals.

This new operating system has a number of features that were not found on earlier versions. With little changing cosmetically on the iPhone 4S we will need to take a look at the new iOS 5 features to see what the iPhone 4S really has to offer.


iCloud is an ingenious and ultra useful and well thought out service from Apple. The new cloud feature allows you access to your whole iTunes library on your device anywhere you want, once you have an internet connection. Unlike traditional Cloud services you won’t even have to upload the tracks. Apple has set the iCloud up in such a way that it stores the iTunes track IDs you have and then allows you access to them straight from the library on iCloud.


Just like with the blackberry, Apple has included a free messaging service between all the different Apple devices. This will be a huge bonus for the company in the younger market who now won’t have to pay for the messages to their friends with the new app.


The new notification section on the device is well thought out and homage to the way it is done on Android. Instead of the message system, Apple has included a drop down notification menu with all the information and changes on the device in one place – a huge help and a lot tidier.


It is also now possible to access the camera on the phone straight from the lock menu. This is a nice addition and means you don’t have to shuffle through unnecessary menus. If you’re someone who takes spontaneous photos this will be of huge help and will allow you a lot more freedom on the device.

iOS 5 also adds many new software features to the iPhone’s camera bringing it more in to line with competitors. This includes various effects that can be added to photos, and for the first time the iPhone comes with built in face detection.


The new voice control feature on the iPhone has gotten a lot of press, mainly because of the answers it gives to silly questions. However, its uses are more integrated than that and it works brilliantly with all the iPhone apps on the device.

This new integrated system can be used to keep your diary, voice dialling, sending messages and also a number of other features. It is also able to adapt to accents and learns as it goes, meaning it won’t be so likely to miscomprehend you as other voice control systems.

While most of the new iOS features are available to older devices making the upgrade, Siri is the one feature that is limited to just iPhone 4S use. Apple claim this is because only the iPhone 4S has the processing power to cope with it. Obviously this is not true because prior to Apple’s purchase of Siri it was available on other iOS devices as well.

This is no longer so. Although the iPad surely has the technical power to deal with Siri, and even though some diehard Siri enthusiasts have already managed to create a hacked version of Siri for jailbroken iPads and iPhones, Siri still will not work. This is because all of your voice commands and questions are fed through a central Apple system, rather than being managed directly from your iPhone 4S. Because of this, if you truly wish to enjoy the wonders that Siri brings – you will only be able to do so by purchasing a new iPhone 4S contract.

RIP Steve Jobs

October 5th, 2011 No comments

Steve Jobs passed away today. We are all grateful for what you did for us. Thank you.

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