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Cool Screenshot – Happy New Year and Resolution!

January 5th, 2010 1 comment
1/1 11:11

Captured at 1/1 11:11

Happy New Year to everyone from the folks at GadgetMETER. GadgetMETER is now officially 1 year old and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished in that time.

One of my New Years resolution consists of simplifying my online and offline lifestyle.

  • Get rid of junk in my house I haven’t used in years
  • Eat less or no meat.
  • Reduced the number of RSS subscriptions.
  • Deactivated my Facebook account. (I’ll talk more about this later).
  • Discovered and These are two great websites if you feel you are too distracted with todays bombardment of information.
  • Run a 10k
  • Enrolled at UPenn for Graduate School.
  • De clutter my MacBook desktop and menu bar

Now, if you are wondering how this screenshot is appropriate for this post. Well, I just happen to look at my iPhone at exactly 1/1 11:11pm so I quickly captured it. The background is a picture of Monica Belluci on my jail broken iPhone. Pretty cool huh? It must be a sign because I see it as a way to reset our tech lifestyle and look back at what’s really important: family, friend (true friends, not the persons you don’t know on your Facebook), health, and the environment. Today, we have way too many distractions in our life that really clouds our judgetment on what’s really important. Let’s take time to get rid of online and offline baggage and welcome the New Year!

So I propose this New Years Challenge for you.

  • Go take a walk.
  • Meet with a friend for coffee.
  • Enough with Twitter already. It’s really just for celebrities!
  • Delete contacts on Facebook you don’t ever engage with. Heck, deactivate your Facebook account like I did!
  • Delete LinkedIn. Who really uses this anyway?
  • Stop texting while having lunch or dinner with someone. Enjoy the moment.
  • Volunteer at a community center or shelter.
  • Donate to a charity: time, money, clothes, food. It can be anything.
  • Read a long form book.
  • Go camping or hiking.
  • Call up a friend. No texting!

Gunnar Optiks lenses enhance your screen experience

June 8th, 2009 1 comment

Do you spend your entire day staring at a computer monitor, barely blinking, captivated by the latest porn….errr Excel spreadsheet?  If you’re a typical gadgethound, you probably spend the better part of 8 hours a day eyelocked onto your screen.  (I of course, am lounging about watching my supermodel friends playing in my pool.)  Well that sort of staring can cause serious eyestrain.  Enter Gunnar with their Optik line of Digital Performance Eyewear.

halogen_crimsonGunnar makes a line of stylish non-prescription glasses designed to enhance your computer viewing experience.  Gunnar calls their technology i-AMP and it consists of a series of innovations that are designed to help you see the screen better.  The lenses geometry mimics nature by focusing light and increases humidity through tight curvature around the eye.  The lens material is ultralight and designed to be flexible and durable.  The lenses are coated with a special anti-reflective filter that cuts glare and reduces smudging and fingerprints.  And the tint is intended to tune the artificial light of most office environments to soften them and remove many of the higher frequency non-natural spectrum.

Sounds complicated, but reviews and independent studies have confirmed that the Optiks do indeed help enhance your ability to stare at the computer all day and all night.  Looking like Bono is just a side bonus.

Distracting Sick Children

June 4th, 2009 1 comment

 One of my guilty pleasures is medical shows.  Medical dramas really.  And I’m wondering just how long it will take for one of these gadgets to show up on one of them. 


 It’s called the PediSedate Headset.  It allows a child to play a Gameboy or listen to a portable CD player (?!?!) while simultaneously delivering sedative gas (like nitrous oxide).  Thereby distracting the child from the fact that he/she is being sedated and undergoing medical treatment.

While I think the idea is quite good (even though I have yet to have kids), I think maybe they need to update it to accept an iPod and a PSP.  Seriously, who carries around a CD player?  Do they even make Discmans anymore?  This product’s marketing department needs to get with it.

Regardless, I know I hated going to the hospital when I was a kid.  Fortunately it didn’t happen much.  And given my proclivity towards sci-fi I probably would have dug this thing.  It looks like some kind of underwater breathing apparatus ala James Cameron.

Come to think of it, if I could get a tank of nitrous I could probably think of a few adults that would be into this thing;-)

For details check out the PediSedate website

REVIEW: EA Active brings the fit to you

June 3rd, 2009 No comments

eaaMy girlfriend just got her hands on the new EA Active, a fitness-based game for the Wii that’s intended to provide you a guided workout in the comfort and privacy of your home.  She set it up tonight and gave it the college try.  I got to watch her do her first workout.  Sorry, she wouldn’t let me video it and post it to YouTube (I believe pain of death was mentioned).

The setup is typical Wii simplicity.  You start by creating a fitness profile.  The fitness profile allows you to track progress over time.  Part of the profile creation process is building an avatar that resembles your current body type.  Age, sex, weight, height, etc are all specified in your avatar.

Once you set up EA Active, you can choose from a number of workout options, including preset workout routines.  EA is currently pushing their 30 Day Challenge, which is built into the game.  Since she got the unit for free as part of a nationwide promo to push the 30 Day Challenge, that’s what she’s going through.  The game lets you pick an intensity level for each workout day and they recommend two workout days followed by a rest day.

The game comes with a thigh band and a resistance band.  The thigh band has a pocket that holds the nunchuck to allow the game to track certain activities.  (Hint – the nunchuck goes in upside down).  The resistance band is basically a strap of rubber and a couple of canvas handles that you knot the band into.  If you really get into this, you’re going to probably want to buy heavier bands.

Since it was late when she started, she chose the low intensity workout.  Activities included walking/running, squats, cardio boxing, inline skating, side lunges, shoulder raises, bicep curls, and upright rows.  With the 30 Day Challenge, you get an onscreen trainer to coach and motivate you.  I gotta say that I was ready to kill the trainer after just a few minutes and I wasn’t even doing the exercises.  It would be nice if the trainer’s motivation level could be tuned or even turned off.

Initial impressions of the workout were OK.  Her fitness level is pretty high, so the workout was hardly challenging.  But she’s going to be trying the higher intensity workouts in upcoming days so she’ll have a better idea of how much “work” is involved in the workout.  Also, she felt the amount of guidance concerning proper form and technique could be improved.

I’ll update this post as her 30 Day Challenge continues.

EA Active

Fix Your Posture, Batteries Not Required

May 22nd, 2009 No comments

I have terrible computer posture. I start out okay but within minutes my shoulders are hunched and my neck is craned forward. After several minutes I’ll notice and self correct but by the end of the day a visit to the chiropractor is in order. If only I had something that would remind me sooner. A device of some kind that could monitor my posture and warn me immediately when I start to slack.
Fortunately for me there is just such a device. Introducing the Visomate:


The name has a little something to be desired but as noted over at Boing Boing the device looks eerily similar to those little dudes from Batteries Not Included (that movie with Jessica Tandy that I LOVED when I was 8 years old). And it’s USB powered (so literally, batteries not included because none are required), so I’ll overlook the name this time.

For only $21.69 on it’s well worth it. You can make that up by NOT needing to visit the chiropractor twice a month like I was doing back in the day when I had that soul sucking tech support job.

Here’s the full description:
• Posture Alert Reminder is your smart companion that reminds you with flashing LEDs and chimes once you are closer than
the recommended visual distance ( 35cm-60cm ) from the monitor. (That’s between 13 and 26 inches for us metrically
challenged folks).
• Interactive distance detcecting with program.
• The Vision Posture Reminder works with ultrasonic sensor.
• Flashing LED signal of the Vision Posture Corrector indicates correct distance away from monitor.
• CHIME ON/OFF selection for personal setting.
• Blue lights means your head is positioned within a moderate visual range. Red light flashes when your head is closer than
35cm from monitor and it means too close.
• Easy to use: Just place it on your monitor, plug it to the USB port. No battery and no maintenance needed.
• This USB Vision Posture Corrector is powered by USB port, no battery needed.
• Size: 6 cm long( at the longest ), 5.5cm wide( at the widest ), 1.5cm thick ( at the thickest ).Approx.
• Length of the USB cable: 149cm long.
• Color: White and Black.
• Weight:120g.

via Boing Boing
Product page:

Disposable Swine Flu Face Mask (Box of 50)

May 3rd, 2009 1 comment

The swine flu or medically known as H1N1 Flu. Preventing swine flu is much like any other flu according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

What should I do to keep from getting the flu?

  • First and most important: wash your hands.
  • Try to stay in good general health.
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Exercise and be active
  • Manage your stress
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Eat nutritious food.
  • Try not to touch surfaces that may be contaminated with the flu virus. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

You can read more on prevention of the swine flu and treatment at

You can also wear a face mask to prevent the swine flu.

Swine Flu Face Mask

Swine Flu Face Mask (Box of 50)

Product Description


Disposable Swine-Flu Face Mask, – (Box of 50)

The mask comes in a box of 50 and only $16.99 which is well worth the price. It helps you from catching the swine flu and prevents it from spreading around.

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Track swine flu outbreak using Google Maps

April 27th, 2009 1 comment

We’za gonna DIE!  No, I’m not channeling Jar-Jar Binks – I refer to the horrors of swine flu, delivered to us courtesy of Mexico and legions of drunk college spring breakers who just couldn’t stay the frak out of a country despite US State Department warnings about drug gang turf wars.  Well now the rest of us are going to pay for their partying.  To track the status of the pandemic-wanna-be, Google user Niman has mashed Google Maps with the CDC’s confirmed case identifier to show us where the spots of doom are showing up.  Maybe those Japanese and their surgical masks aren’t so crazy looking now after all, eh?

View H1N1 Swine Flu in a larger map

How safe is YOUR location?

via CenterNetworks