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The Dog Pedometer

April 21st, 2009 No comments

Do you have that dog that is a little on the chubby side? Did your vet tell you that he should walk at least once a day? How do you know how far he should walk to get enough excercise to trim that belly of his? Well, meet the Canine Pedometer. It tells you how many steps your dog has taken in a day. You simply attach it to your pet underneight the collar and it will measure each step like The Police.

The Dog Pedometer

The Dog Pedometer

It was invented by Takara Tomy to help your pets get proper excercise each day. The Canine Pedometer can monitor movement of all four legs and has a mechanism in place to disregard shaking of the dog. No price yet but expect it to be less than £39.

Honda Element goes to the dogs

April 15th, 2009 No comments

I just adopted a dog.  It’s a pound puppy (well, kinda) and by the time this post is published, he’ll be the newest addition to the family.  So when I read about Honda releasing a version of their popular Element utility vehicle specifically for dog owners, I was all ears.


The Element was already popular with active folks cause it’s basically a giant sheet of plastic inside.  You can wash the thing out with a hose.  And its various tent options allow for simple tailgating to taking a family of four on a three week safari through darkest Africa.  Ok maybe only a week safari through the jungles of the exurbs, but still.

The canine-friendly version can be equiped with dog restraints, a ramp to help older dogs get in/out, a raised platform so your pooch can still see the family, rear fan for ventilation, and a built-in water bowl.  I am seriously eyeing this baby as my next car.

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High-Tech, Low-Maintenance Fish Tank

February 18th, 2009 No comments

AquaVista 500 fish tank

The AquaVista 500 fish tank hangs on your wall like a sleek flat-screen TV. At only 4.5 inches thick, it certainly takes up less space than a traditional fish tank. For $330 you get the tank (with your choice of background and frame), a steel wall mounting bracket, and a few basic aquarium accessories.

But the AquaVista doesn’t just look good. With a built-in LCD control panel, pump, and lighting and heating systems, the AquaVista is completely automated. That means less of a hassle for would-be pet owners. Maintenance takes as little as 15 minutes a month, giving you more time to admire your little underwater friends.

PocketFinder: Never Lose Your Stuff Again

February 15th, 2009 No comments

pocket finder

With Location-Based Technologies’  PocketFinder, you’ll never have to worry about lost pets or luggage again. The GPS device is about the size of a cookie, and is available in several versions: there’s PocketFinder Luggage, which can be slipped into a suitcase before you let it out of your sight. Using the company’s website or automated phone service, you can look up your suitcase’s location in over 100 countries. PetFinder can be hooked to a pet’s collar, offering peace of mind for those who are squeamish about injecting their furry friend with a microchip. The original PocketFinder is a good bet for outdoor enthusiasts or caretakers of the mentally challenged.

PocketFinder is available for $129.99 plus a monthly service fee for the locator service. It runs for seven days on a single charge, alerting you via text message when it’s time to recharge.

Pet Doorbell by Lentek (with Video)

February 15th, 2009 No comments
Pet Doorbell

Pet Doorbell

If your dog can speak, he will let you know clearly when he needs to go outside and do his business. However, the next best thing is the Lentek Pet Paw Doorbell that notifies you when your dog or cat needs to go outside or come back in. The doorbell can be easily trained by cats or dogs of any size. The Pet Doorbell has a transmitter that works up to 100 feet away.  It can be used near every door in the house, indoors, or outdoors. It is even weatherproof and is protected from the elements.  It can also be mounted on the wall. The Pet Doorbell dimensions measures 5 x 4 3/4 inches and runs on one 9 – volt battery (not included).

Let’s just hope  your dog doesn’t have unwelcomed “guests” coming over.

Lentek Pet Paw, Additional Paw for Pet Chime

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The Dog Treadmill

February 10th, 2009 No comments

Dog Treadmill

Dog Treadmill

Meet the Dog Treadmill. For that lazy dog that watches TV 24/7 and munches on left over food. The treadmill features a quiet motor and has a special rubber belt to help keep the dog comfortable and less impact on the joins. The speed and incline can be adjusted like human treadmills. The side rails holder keeps the dog from going sideways. It comes in different sizes that is suitable for your dog.

PetZen DogTread Motorized Exercise Treadmill Just for Dogs, 1 ea

George and Astro Treadmill

George and Astro Treadmill

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