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12 Things X-mas list, part 5

December 22nd, 2009 No comments

Number 9 on my 12 Things It Would Be Really Cool To Get For Xmas list is probably the most affordable and accessible of all the items I have listed (or plan to list).
It’s the Darth Vadar Breathing Keychain.


For only $12.99 this is a perfect stocking stuffer for any Star Wars fan in your life. And double bonus if they tend to lose their keys a lot (they will be much less likely if something as cool as Darth Vadar’s breathing head is on them).

Via Coolest Gadgets

Number 10 on my list is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and completely impractical since I still live in an apartment. The Han Solo secret door book case!


See how it works!

The DIY install only cost this individual about $150, not including the Han Frozen-in-Carbonite addition. That will probably cost a pretty penny. But someday, when I have an actual house, this is going high on my list of priorities.

Via Gizmodo

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Han Solo desk and more!

November 19th, 2009 No comments

Yesterday I thought I had found the desk of my dreams. But it was not to be since this desk featuring Han Solo frozen in carbonite is just a one off custom job, not ever to be sold commercially to all of us envious Star Wars nerds.

Han solo desk

But I have to say, this desk was done right. I especially love the glowing panel legs. I imagine that if Solo had ended up as a prize for the Emperor instead of Jabba, this is exactly what would have been done with him.
The only thing that would make it better would be if the access panels on the front actually came out and acted as drawers (everything for me has to be functional… I don’t know why).

While I was still lusting after the Han Solo desk I came across yet another welcome Star Wars item, though admittedly not on anywhere near as grand a scale (but hey, at least I can actually buy these)…


Star Wars cellphone alert charms! I love phone charms, an obsession I picked up in Japan (those guys are NUTZ with phone charms, seriously). These might be a little too cumbersome to actually connect to your phone, but there are plenty of other places they could go. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

These little light up do-dads respond to frequencies emitted by your cell phone (only for 800-1600 MHz GSM network handsets). So you can leave your phone on silent, in your bag, and these little guys will light up and spin around when it goes off.
Neat. Sadly I don’t think there is one with Boba Fette, but for use uber-nerds there is one with a Dalek!

Can be bought from for about $10, batteries included

Via Wired’s GadgetLab

Astro-droid gaming console

October 13th, 2009 No comments

Not very long ago, in a place relatively nearby, a guy named Brian De Vitis totally became my hero. He took his R2D2 cooler and converted it into the ultimate game console. It has eight consoles, a projector and a sound system. And one of those gaming consoles is the Atari 7800 (I totally used to have one of those).



I’m not personally a gamer, unless you count the few times a year I find myself in an actual arcade playing Galaga or House of the Dead. It’s really the Star Wars nerd in me that this really speaks to. The only improvement I can think of would be to make some of those controllers wireless.


And in the spirit of Star Wars creativity, I found this little nugget too that really spoke to the steampunk in me…


Via Boing Boing

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Cool Carpet Skates

July 15th, 2009 1 comment
Simtec Fun Slides Carpet Skates

Simtec Fun Slides Carpet Skates

We all wanted to be like Tom Cruise at one point. When I was a kid home alone I also did that famous slide. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out too well with my parents carpet. Now, if only I had the Simtec Fun Slides Carpet Skates to let me slide on carpet.

These skates let you glide on carpet just as you would with socks on hardwood floors. These Carpet skates bottom have friction-resistant plastic that lets you move like Tom Cruise on hardwood floors. A foam foot grip with an adjustable hook and loop closure keeps your feet securely on the skates. Just strap them onto your shoes and you’re ready to go. Great for just sliding around or for playing Carpet Hockey (equipment sold separately). One size fits all.

Simtec Fun Slides Carpet Skates – Silver

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WaterWheel Play Table

July 13th, 2009 1 comment

Waterwheel Play Table lets children (or adults, c’mon, you know you like it) play with the action of water falling. This is a very fun and imaginative way for countless hours of fun outdoors.

Pour water into the wide funnel, and turn the water wheel which then spills into the inner and outer harbors. The elevated design keeps the water inside. The WaterWheel suits up to three children. It also comes with four piece accessory set includes: one cup, two sailboats, and one water wheel tower. Features decorative molded-in fish designs on legs. It can holds up to four gallons of water.

WaterWheel Play Table $34.49

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Science kits galore!

June 24th, 2009 1 comment

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned the distinct lack of chemistry sets on our shelves in the last few decades. Well I was shopping at Book People the other day (one of Austin’s very cool local bookstores) and I came across National Geographic’s Elements of Science kit.
Elements of Science Kit
For $74.95 you can do 100 experiments in biology, chemistry and physics. It includes 112 page book that covers optics, light, electricity, chemical reactions and much much more. It’s a pretty basic kit for ages 10 and up.

But then I found this on the DiscoverThis website:
Chem3000 kit
The Chem3000 kit is a comprehensive chemistry set for ages 12 and up that covers over fifty topics relating specifically to chemistry.
The kit includes dozens of actual chemicals along with all the supplies needed to do 360 different experiments (including ones covering fuels and combustion… the most fun part of chemistry in my opinion).
Obviously these experiments need to be done with adult supervision. But I’m willing to bet that any parent that gets this kind of kit for their kid will have just as much fun helping with these experiments as their kid will have doing them. I know I would (now I just have to get around to having kids and raising them to age twelve… dang!).
There are dozens more kits on the DiscoverThis website covering everything from Astronomy to Zoology. They have Robot Kits (!!!) and Genetics and DNA kits too. Hopefully if more kids learn to have fun in science early on the US of A won’t be so woefully behind in producing the worlds leading scientists anymore.

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June 15th, 2009 No comments


Remember as a kid you there were those giant and potentially dangerous trampolines? Now we have something called the Jump-O-Lene which can accommodate two kids. It has an 82 inch jumping surface. It is filled with air for that bouncy effect. The mattress is made up of two separate heavy duty vinyl cushions for extra bounce. Repair is easy. it comes with a kit. The Jump-o-Lene supports maximum of 120 pounds. It inflates with any air pump or 120 volt AC electric pump. The dimensions are 82 inches deep and weighs 21 pounds.