iPhone 4S Introduces iOS 5

October 25th, 2011 1 comment

iPhone 4S Introduces iOS 5

iOS 5, which now can be downloaded on the iPhone 3GS and above, is certainly an integral part of the Apple operating system family and of central importance to the success of the new iPhone 4S phone deals.

This new operating system has a number of features that were not found on earlier versions. With little changing cosmetically on the iPhone 4S we will need to take a look at the new iOS 5 features to see what the iPhone 4S really has to offer.


iCloud is an ingenious and ultra useful and well thought out service from Apple. The new cloud feature allows you access to your whole iTunes library on your device anywhere you want, once you have an internet connection. Unlike traditional Cloud services you won’t even have to upload the tracks. Apple has set the iCloud up in such a way that it stores the iTunes track IDs you have and then allows you access to them straight from the library on iCloud.


Just like with the blackberry, Apple has included a free messaging service between all the different Apple devices. This will be a huge bonus for the company in the younger market who now won’t have to pay for the messages to their friends with the new app.


The new notification section on the device is well thought out and homage to the way it is done on Android. Instead of the message system, Apple has included a drop down notification menu with all the information and changes on the device in one place – a huge help and a lot tidier.


It is also now possible to access the camera on the phone straight from the lock menu. This is a nice addition and means you don’t have to shuffle through unnecessary menus. If you’re someone who takes spontaneous photos this will be of huge help and will allow you a lot more freedom on the device.

iOS 5 also adds many new software features to the iPhone’s camera bringing it more in to line with competitors. This includes various effects that can be added to photos, and for the first time the iPhone comes with built in face detection.


The new voice control feature on the iPhone has gotten a lot of press, mainly because of the answers it gives to silly questions. However, its uses are more integrated than that and it works brilliantly with all the iPhone apps on the device.

This new integrated system can be used to keep your diary, voice dialling, sending messages and also a number of other features. It is also able to adapt to accents and learns as it goes, meaning it won’t be so likely to miscomprehend you as other voice control systems.

While most of the new iOS features are available to older devices making the upgrade, Siri is the one feature that is limited to just iPhone 4S use. Apple claim this is because only the iPhone 4S has the processing power to cope with it. Obviously this is not true because prior to Apple’s purchase of Siri it was available on other iOS devices as well.

This is no longer so. Although the iPad surely has the technical power to deal with Siri, and even though some diehard Siri enthusiasts have already managed to create a hacked version of Siri for jailbroken iPads and iPhones, Siri still will not work. This is because all of your voice commands and questions are fed through a central Apple system, rather than being managed directly from your iPhone 4S. Because of this, if you truly wish to enjoy the wonders that Siri brings – you will only be able to do so by purchasing a new iPhone 4S contract.

RIP Steve Jobs

October 5th, 2011 No comments

Steve Jobs passed away today. We are all grateful for what you did for us. Thank you.

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What Will iPhone 5 Offer

September 2nd, 2011 No comments
Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

What Will iPhone 5 Offer?

The tech world is abuzz with rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, most likely the next in its famous line of smartphones. The exact release date and specs of the iPhone 5 are still not certain, but a number of persistent rumors point to some highly probable details of the much anticipated device.

A New Look?

Until recently, the closest anyone outside of Apple could get to knowing the appearance and form of the iPhone 5 was through countless mockups by designers with no connection to Apple, faint rumors, and other near-fantasy. However, Apple may have recently revealed the iPhone 5’s new look on accident.

The beta of their new Photo Stream program shows an icon of an iPhone-like device, but there is no precedent for its details. It has a rounded rectangular Home button, in contrast to the circular button seen on all previous iOS devices. This button has been vertically truncated to compensate for the new screen size; the screen stretches to cover nearly the entire front surface of the device, with the camera and speaker pushed up to the very top to compensate. Mockups created with this icon as a blueprint indicate that the body of the iPhone 5 is smaller than the iPhone 4, but that the screen is larger, perhaps 4 inches.

Still the Best Screen with Maybe the Best Camera

Even though it has a larger screen, the iPhone 5 is unlikely to have a higher screen resolution than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4’s infamous 960×640 “Retina” screen is still unparalleled among smartphones in terms of dots per inch, and even if this resolution is spread out from 3.5 inches to 4 inches it will still rank among the densest displays in the touchscreen smartphone world. Another popular rumor is that the iPhone 5 will improve on the iPhone 4’s 4-megapixel camera, doubling its resolution to 8 megapixels, which is the latest standard for high-end smartphones.

Worldwide Compatibility but No LTE

The iPhone 5 is almost guaranteed to be a “world phone,” capable of receiving calls from both CDMA and GSM networks. Verizon’s CFO has hinted at this dual network functionality. Also, a popular app developer who logs use of his apps has reported detecting iOS devices sporting two distinct sets of mobile network codes (MNC) / mobile country codes (MCC) for Verizon and AT&T. The iPhone’s ability to receive signals from the two most popular network styles will make traveling around the world while receiving calls with an iPhone much easier. However, there is no indication that the iPhone 5 will support LTE, and therefore will not have the potential connection speed of 4G devices.

Processing Power

Just as the iPhone 4 inherited the original iPad’s single-core A4 processor, it is likely the iPhone 5 will contain the iPad 2’s dual-core A5 processor. Older apps won’t directly take advantage of the dual-core, although they won’t be so easily hamstrung by background tasks. Benefits will be most noticeable for new apps that feature both complex rendering and complex processing, like games and media production apps.

SIM Only plans may be available for the iPhone 5. AT&T, the iPhone’s longest-standing carrier in the United States, has been offering these plans for several years. This will allow users with existing SIM Only plans to trade up to the iPhone 5 on their own terms, or to easily replace the iPhone 5 with an even more advanced phone sometime in the future. Such plans also tend to have cheaper rates and are not bound by contracts.

The iPhone 5 is heavily rumored for a mid-October release. This will coincide with Sprint’s adoption of iPhones and the finished production of ad agency TBWAChiatDay’s iPhone apps.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert where he specializes in writing on mobile broadband, sim only plans, and the latest in internet service provider news and information.

Note: Photo courtesy of dpolicarpo via FlickR Creative Commons.

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Has the iPhone 5 been seen in public?

July 29th, 2011 No comments

We’ve heard all of the rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5 but which ones are actually true?  We’ve heard rumors that the new iPhone will be a radical redesign, thinner and lighter with a bigger screen, and we’ve heard rumors that it will be identical to the iPhone 4, but with internal upgrades and that the iPhone 6 would be a total revamp.

Techno Buffalo received a picture of a Target ad that had a photo of an iPhone that could possibly be the new iPhone, which featured tapered edges similar to the iPhone 3GS.  However, this photo could have been doctored by Target’s art department to just feature an iPhone lookalike, rather than an actual product.

Now, 9to5Mac has received photos of a new iPhone, possibly the iPhone 5, in San Francisco held by a possible Apple employee.  This possibly could have been an iPhone 5 prototype.  The phone the tipster saw would fit into the iPhone 5 cases that have already been in production.

iPhone 5 seen in public

The new iPhone, according to 9to5Mac’s source, is thinner and wider than the current iPhone 4, which a screen size that’s “almost EVO-like.”  “The edges are rounded metal like the edge of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but could still function as an antenna.”

From the photos, it does look very similar to the backside as well as the side buttons of an iPhone 3GS.  Also according to the “tipster,” the phone’s user was “trying to hide what he had more than the average smartphone user.”

What secrets do you think Apple is hiding? What do you think?  Could this be the upcoming iPhone 5?

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My Experience In a Fake Apple Store in China

July 22nd, 2011 2 comments
Fake Apple Store In China

Fake Apple Store In China

I recently went to China (Beijing and Shanghai) a few weeks ago and came across a fake Apple Store in a mall in Shanghai. It was located right next to a fake Sony Store. Here is the picture of me at the fake Apple Store. The products did look legitimate. One cadana casino of the sales clerk was on a MacBook running Windows XP playing video games. He could have been running BootCamp, Parallels, or VMWare for virtualization.  Flying back to the US, ironically I sat next to an Apple Retail Manager for China. We talked about counterfeits as well as the problem of fake branded stores becoming more popular. I also saw a fake iPhone 5 and fake iPad 2 running Java operating system in Budong district in Shanghai. The performance in the fake products was very unresponsive and therefore unuseable.

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New MacBook Air SSDs are replaceable

July 21st, 2011 No comments
New MacBook Air SSDs are replaceable

New MacBook Air SSDs are replaceable

The limited harddrive space on the new MacBook Air was holding me back. Now you can upgrade it to 480 gb. I currently have 500 gb on my Macbook Pro 17 2007 running Parallels (Windows XP Pro, Final Cut, Logic Pro, lots of music, some movies, photos), and still have 137 gb free. The New MBA Spring 2011 is also twice as fast as last years MacBook Pro 17! The holy grail has arrived! It will cost you though. Prices are range

  • 180 gb $399.99
  • 250 gb $519.99
  • 360 gb $779.00
  • 480 gb $1399.99
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Two New iPhones Expected by Summer’s End

July 19th, 2011 No comments

iPhone 5          New iPhone rumors are showing up faster than the next model of cell phones, aren’t they?  We’ve spoken of several iPhone rumors this year as well as next year but now, according to Boy Genius Report and their “incredibly solid source,” Apple plans to launch a low-coster iPhone this year, possibly a prepaid version of the iPhone 3GS that will sell for no more than $350 without a contract.

Also according to their source, the new iPhone, whether it be the slightly modified 4S or the radically redesigned 5 remains unknown, but will come out or at the very least, announced, by the end of summer (late August).  Apple is also planning on continuing the iPhone 4 line.

All of these rumors combined would give Apple a full range of products—lower, mid, and high-end priced iPhones.


What do you think?  If these rumors pan out, what impact would it have on the mobile market?

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