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iFlyz Media Stand

January 19th, 2009 No comments
iFlyz Media StandiFlyz Media Stand

Unless you have 3 arms, you might want to check out the iFlyz Media Stand to help you juggle your entertainment and business needs simulatenously.

It’s very convenient for in-flight use. It can be adjusted to the perfect angle and has a clamp specially designed to attach to the pull-down table in-flight. It uses a suction cup to attach to your phone. It doesn’t mention if it will work with other devices, but since it’s just a suction cup, it should. At the very least, it should work with an iPod Touch or iPod with Video.  It should also work with iPhone 3G even with the phone’s curved edges. You’ll have to wait about a month before you can get your hands on one though. These won’t be out until February of this year, but they are available to be pre-ordered. If you’re within the US it will cost you $29.99 with shipping and those of you outside the States it doesn’t cost much more.

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Powermat Wireless Power Charging

January 18th, 2009 No comments
Powermat Wireless Power Charger

Powermat Wireless Power Charger

Aah yes, finally charge without wires! The Powermat brings that dream come true.  It’s a small mat that you plug into the wall or pc, lay your electronic devices on and it immediately starts charging.  So how does it work?  Using magnetic induction, Powermat pairs a thin mat with a receiver that connects to your device.  Each Powermat can wirelessly charge 3-6 devices simultaneously and the company claims the same power charge rate as if you used the old school wire method (how lame).  Five different models coming in second half of 2009.

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