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The Biodegradable Grass Phone

March 5th, 2009 1 comment
grassphone 02 The Biodegradable Grass Phone

The Biodegradable Grass Phone

grassphones 01 The Biodegradable Grass Phone

Two Year Life-Cycle

Too often the life of a cell phone is tied to the two-year contract provided by phone  providers.  When two years are up, the once innovative, phone is discarded for a newer, sleeker model.

Je-Hyun Kim’s grass phone concept carefully considers the life-cycle of a typical phone today.  Made of grass and hay, this phone is made to recycle itself.  Designed only to last the duration of it’s operative  life-cycle, this biodegradable phone clumps apart for easy recycling.  Once the grassy overlay has dissolved, the screen, keys, and other electronic parts can easily be recycled or integrated into a new phone.  Hay may no longer be just for horses!

via Inhabitat