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Safest table saw EVER!

May 26th, 2009 2 comments

I’m no master carpenter (or carpenter at all really), but I have two friends that are. I suspect they like the fact that their hands are intact. Also, I saw Sicko. You remember that guy with two fingers that were sawed off and he could only afford to reattach one of them?
Well, if you like to build things (or just saw wood apart very rapidly) then you should check this out.
SawStop image

This table saw (which comes in industrial, professional and contractor versions) has the ability to detect when the blade comes in contact with flesh and then shut off the blade within milliseconds leaving a slightly bloody finger, but an intact one. The blade carries a small electrical charge that is constantly monitored. When skin contacts the blade the signal changes and the brake is engaged immediately (within milliseconds!).
Check out the hot dog demo:

Granted, you’ll be dropping upwards of $1500 (the industrial version is over $3000). But reattaching a finger is about $12,000 without insurance. And it hurts. A lot!

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