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Child Locator by BrickHouse from Duracell Commercial

April 12th, 2009 2 comments
Brickhouse Child Locator

BrickHouse Child Locator

I was told that as a 3 year old child, I once wandered off at the flea market and my mom lost me. It was only when my uncle who happened to be there found me and brought me home.  Looking back, I wonder how my life would have changed if I had not been found and instead picked up by a stranger.

Meet the BrickHouse Child Locator which will prevent problems like this by alerting you when your chld is too far away. You attach a small tag to your child’s clothing and it will alert the homing device that will lead you to your child in a matter of seconds if your child is leaves the designated zone.

The Locate Mode beeps faster the closer you are to your child and also provides an on-screen display. Your child can also press the Panic Button to alert you of an emergency.


  • Locate Your Wandering Child Anywhere
  • Very Easy to Use, Portable Indoor/Outdoor Design Too Far
  • Includes 4 Locator Tags (1 being a Panic Tag)
  • Get Alerts When Your Children Wander

Child Locator by Brickhouse Security with Distance Alert (As Featured in the Duracell Ad) Child Locator Device

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