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Conveniently folding bike

April 3rd, 2009 4 comments

We all love the environment, right?  We want to drive less, carpool more, etc etc etc.  Now I’m all in favor of the bike, but they take up too much room when you’re not riding them and they’re a pain to secure when you want to go indoors.  And I’m all about the efficiency.  So this new folding bike design from Pacific Cycles has me intrigued.

Called the IF MODE (Integrated Folding MODE), the bike screams coolness.  Here’s the riding configuration:

mode-fold-up-bicycle1Pretty hot, right?  The wheels look full size (not like the clown wheels of most folding bikes) and you could almost imagine it flying down the finish line of the Tour de France.  I deem it worthy of my too-cool presence.  Now here’s the same bike folded.

mode-fold-up-bicycle-0Now THAT is nifty.  The really great thing is that, when folded, the bike is still roughly of a height that allows you to walk it around from place to place rather than lugging it.  For people who are not as uber-buff as I am, this is a big plus.  Know what else is great about it?  No exposed gears or chains, which means there’s no real risk of getting your clothes streaked with grease or oil or dirt.  Elegant.

I’m going to ring my rickshaw driver around and have him pull me to see one of these babies.