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Steamer trunk office space

October 16th, 2009 No comments


This steamer trunk turned portable office, as far as design goes, is really quite beautiful. I would totally consider having it in my office (if I had an office) and would actually use it as my storage and work space if it wasn’t for the $4000 price tag.
As for traveling with it, I don’t think that is was actually the intention of the designers.
I wonder if I could get a faux-leather version for cheaper?

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Recompute – Sustainably-Designed Cardboard Computer

February 27th, 2009 No comments
Recompute - Sustainably-Designed Desktop Computer

Recompute - Sustainably-Designed CardboardComputer

Say hello to the computer of the future! This is the Recompute, a sustainably-designed desktop computer. The Recompute is made of corrugated cardboard while most modern computers are made mostly of plastic and metals.

There are three major electronic components to the Recompute:

  1. hard drive
  2. power supply
  3. motherboard with processor and memory.
Recompute - Sustainably-Designed Desktop Computer

Recompute - Sustainably-Designed Cardboard Computer

The Recompute is designed for users to take advantage of old hardware components. You can use your old monitors, keyboards, mice, and other hardware from your old computer by connecting them to one of eight USB ports.

And the Reconstitute is totally green! This computer is completely recyclable and renewable. It’s made to be disassembled without the use of tools, which makes it easy to recycle each electronic part separately. With green technology on the rise, this could be the future of computers around the world.

Via Inhabitat

Western Digital 1TB SATA GREENPOWER Hard Drive WD10EACS

February 5th, 2009 No comments
Western Digital 1TB SATA GREENPOWER Bulk/OEM Hard Drive WD10EACS

Western Digital 1TB SATA GREENPOWER Bulk/OEM Hard Drive WD10EACS

This Green hard disk consumes less power as compared to a regular dhard drive due to its IntelliSeek feature. It also has StableTrac techonology that secures the motor shaft to reduce vibration of the hard drive that would mean a more silent operation.

2 TB (Terabytes) for $300 is a great deal. You can store tons of high def movies, home videos, music library and photos with this. Plus, you’ll help save energy and make the world just a little bit quiter.

This 2TB huge storage device will cost you about $299 at selected distributors but you can get a 1TB version through below) at a tempting price of just around $100.

Western Digital 1TB SATA GREENPOWER Bulk/OEM Hard Drive WD10EACS

* 1 TB 3.5-inch SATA hard drive; high-performance, energy-saving solution for desktop PCs and external storage devices
* 16 MB buffer cache; 3 Gb/s transfer rate
* IntelliPower for efficient performance; IntelliSeek for lower power consumption, noise and vibration; IntelliPark reduces aerodynamic drag; Perpendicular Magnetic Recording for greater areal density
* Holds up to 285,000 digital photos; 250,000 MP3 files; 25,000 uncompressed CD-quality songs; 76 hours digital video; 400 hours DVD-quality video; 100 hours HD video
* 3-year limited warranty