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Cooliris 1.11

June 30th, 2009 No comments

Just when you thought your viewing experience couldn’t get any better (I’m talking to OS X users here;-) CoolIris comes along and takes it to the next level.  I’ve been playing around with it for the last week and seriously having the best time.

CoolIris isn’t just for Mac users though, it works on Windows XP, Vista and Linux (!!!) too. The folks at CoolIris want to bring this experience to everyone! And it truly is a beautiful experience.

A simple image search on Google

A simple image search on Google

CoolIris was previously PicLens. So some of you may already be familiar with previous incarnations of CoolIris (even though I am not).

So what is it, exactly? Well, it is a plug-in that gives you a new way to navigate, find and share images and videos “using the rich media that is now dominating the web” says partner Randy Komisar.

Learn about the CoolIris vision here!

It basically transforms your viewing experience into a cinematic 3D wall. You can do Google searches, YouTube, Flickr, Hulu, Facebook and many many more. It frees you from the confines of your browser, which I didn’t know was confining until I tried CoolIris, strangely enough.

Image search zoomed out

Image search zoomed out

It also works in your Finder. Search all images and videos within your Finder with speed and style. CoolIris transforms your screen into the ultimate 3D viewing experience! The best word I can find for it is elegant. Really. It’s like Cover-Flow’s debonair cousin or something.

Using it is simple enough.  Just install and then the CoolIris icon will appear on images when you mouse over them in your browser, or you can launch CoolIris from the icon that appears at the top right of your browser window.  Of course you can launch from your Applications folder as well.  From within CoolIris you can zoom out (as seen to the right) or go full screen with any image.  And that is just the tip of the CoolIris iceberg.

It’s even gotten me excited for the day that those oh-so-awesome fictional GUIs that you always see in the movies may actually become something of a reality.

There is a version for the iPhone as well that looks pretty awesome, though since I still have yet to get one I haven’t been able to test it out yet.

Check out the CoolIris website and then get ready to change the way you see the virtual world.

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