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The Ultimate Universal Remote

September 1st, 2009 No comments

This is just about the coolest thing in home entertainment/management I have seen in awhile.

CRISTAL remote

It’s called The CRISTAL (short for “control of remotely interfaced systems using touch-based actions in living spaces”). It’s a coffee table that can remotely control your home theater, lights, digital photo library, and even vacuum (yes, vacuum).
Currently this is just a concept of a team at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences’ Media Interaction Lab. And if it does get put into production it will probably cost around $15,000 to start.
I’d be interested in seeing the logistics on how this can be set up in a consumer’s home. Would the average consumer need an installation specialist to come over and configure the table? Or even configure their entire media set up? I would suspect so.
Of all the people I personally know (and that’s a lot of people) only a small percentage already have a set up where all their media is centrally stored and accessible via computer. Most everyone else still relies on their component systems. And of those people the vast majority still use separate remotes for everything (we’re talking seriously dark ages stuff here;-)

Check out the video to see the prototype in action.

Via Popular Science Gadgets