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Dell stylin’ with their new Studio One 19

March 17th, 2009 1 comment

dellstudioone191Dell’s not been known for style.  Let’s face it – they make bricks.  Well it seems they’ve been bit by the Sony/Apple bug cause this is the new Dell Studio One 19 All-In-One.  It’s not yet available, but this is probably the prettiest thing to come out of Texas since Anna Nicole Smith in her Guess? Jeans years.  It features proprietary (optional) multi-touch software, and can be configured with a variety of processors, hard drives, and RAM.  Combine this baby with Windows 7 and you might have a bangin’ entertainment unit for your college dorm room love shack.  It even has optional facial recognition technology so your roomie can’t touch your goodies while you’re out.

Dell Wasabi Inkless Photo Printer

February 17th, 2009 No comments
Dell Wasabi

Dell Wasabi

If you don’t like to be reminded of getting new ink cartidges, you’re in luck. There are more and more ink free printers coming out.

Meet the Dell Wasabi. The Wasabi is a pocket sized printer than can print 2 x 3 prints with adhesive backing. The technology of inkless printer works similar to CD/DVD scribes where the ink is actually on the paper itself. The special paper has dye crystals in them that reacts to the amount of heat applied to display a particular color.

The Wasabi features Bluetooth capability for wireless printing as well as the universal USB. A full charge on the device will be good enough to get 15 prints from it. Dell has added that the Wasabi is also fast enough to print a shot in a minute or less.

Currently, no price has been given. However, we do know the 24 sheet pack of special photo paper doesn’t come cheap. at around$ $16 USD. We do believe that overtime, like most technology, the price will come down as competition heats up and the device becomes more universal. Hey, remember how expensive consumer laser printers were?

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