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Dell stylin’ with their new Studio One 19

March 17th, 2009 1 comment

dellstudioone191Dell’s not been known for style.  Let’s face it – they make bricks.  Well it seems they’ve been bit by the Sony/Apple bug cause this is the new Dell Studio One 19 All-In-One.  It’s not yet available, but this is probably the prettiest thing to come out of Texas since Anna Nicole Smith in her Guess? Jeans years.  It features proprietary (optional) multi-touch software, and can be configured with a variety of processors, hard drives, and RAM.  Combine this baby with Windows 7 and you might have a bangin’ entertainment unit for your college dorm room love shack.  It even has optional facial recognition technology so your roomie can’t touch your goodies while you’re out.

Recompute – Sustainably-Designed Cardboard Computer

February 27th, 2009 No comments
Recompute - Sustainably-Designed Desktop Computer

Recompute - Sustainably-Designed CardboardComputer

Say hello to the computer of the future! This is the Recompute, a sustainably-designed desktop computer. The Recompute is made of corrugated cardboard while most modern computers are made mostly of plastic and metals.

There are three major electronic components to the Recompute:

  1. hard drive
  2. power supply
  3. motherboard with processor and memory.
Recompute - Sustainably-Designed Desktop Computer

Recompute - Sustainably-Designed Cardboard Computer

The Recompute is designed for users to take advantage of old hardware components. You can use your old monitors, keyboards, mice, and other hardware from your old computer by connecting them to one of eight USB ports.

And the Reconstitute is totally green! This computer is completely recyclable and renewable. It’s made to be disassembled without the use of tools, which makes it easy to recycle each electronic part separately. With green technology on the rise, this could be the future of computers around the world.

Via Inhabitat

BumpTop Makes Desktops Exciting Again

February 12th, 2009 No comments

Windows based operating systems have always had such a boring desktop experience.  Just a background with a bunch of scattered icons.  Surprisingly enough, this has not changed either from Windows 95 all the way to the beast called Vista.  No one has any great expectations for the highly anticipated Windows 7 either.

Photo by:  Kriston Lewis

Photo by: Kriston Lewis

Those who use Mac operating systems get to have a little bit more fun, but not much.  Rather than scattered icons on a background, Apple users get a background with a cool icon toolbar at the bottom.  Sometimes the icons bounce when they are clicked on.  At this point, OSX is what life on the edge is like in the world of desktops.

Photo by: BeauGiles

Photo by: BeauGiles

A little program called BumpTop is out to change it all.  BumpTop is an interactive desktop which functions much like your workdesk does.  Icons can be tossed around, organized in stacks, posted on the wall, and even crumpled into balls and thrown around.  Check out the screenshot of BumpTop below, or click to listen to BumpTop founder’s explanation and presentation at TED.

Photo by: Pat2001

Photo by: Pat2001