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Solar bags by Noon Solar

August 24th, 2009 No comments

I almost hate to interrupt the steady stream of Google/AT&T/Apple related topics that have been dominating GadgetMeter these last few weeks (kudos to you, Quang Ly, for fighting the good fight!) but sometimes a break is a good thing.
I’m heading out of the realm of “Serious Corporate Land” into “Eco Friendly Accessories World”.
So, I’m the kind of person that rides my bike most places. I’m also the kind of person who is rarely without my phone and ipod (I’m too scared to take my laptop on my bike because I know the minute I do something bad will happen). Anyway, the other day I was busy texting while laying out by Barton Springs Pool and my phone battery died! If only I had one of THESE:

solar powered courier bag

I could have charged it up right then and there!
These new bags by Noon Solar integrate flexible solar panels into their design. They have several styles of both messenger bags and purses and they are made from either German leather or organic hemp or cotton.
The solar power is stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, weighing about 4oz, found inside the bag. Because the solar power is stored inside a battery pack, cell phones and iPods can be charged day or night.

From their website: Noon Solar bags are made from biodegradable materials so that the bags can skip the landfill and go directly into your backyard without hurting the earth. The bags are safe and non-toxic, and most of the materials will actually nourish the earth if buried. The other materials such as the solar panel and hardware can be removed and recycled or reused.
solar bag 2

And after reading their design philosophy I’m about ready to drop the several hundred dollars required to purchase one of their bags.
This is a company whose products AND philosophy I am ready to support. And that in and of itself is a rare thing these days.


The Tech Waste problem

May 28th, 2009 1 comment

I was recently unpacking my plethora of boxes that have been in storage for the last year. About four of them contained nothing but empty CD jewel cases. Since I have no idea where I can possibly store them these days I decided to do a bit of research to see how I could ecologically dispose of them. After all I don’t want 30 lbs of plastic ending up in the already massive Great Pacific Garbage Patch that has been developing in the pacific for the last several decades.

To my dismay I found no place locally that could (or would?) recycle these things, not even in my very ecologically aware city.
What I did find was GreenDisk.
Green Disk logo
GreenDisk allows you to ship your tech waste to them and they will not only destroy sensitive data (as on CDs, DVDs, and hard drives) but will dispose of your tech waste in an ecologically friendly way (i.e. recycling).
You do have to pay them, but the fee is nominal. For up to 20 lbs of waste (including disks, DVDs, jewel cases, printer cartridges, cables, iPods, digital cameras, cell phones, etc) it is only $6.95 plus shipping. Since mine was all media the shipping of a 28 lb box was about $13 using the US Postal Service.
So $20 total and my conscience is clear.
For amounts over 30 lbs they have a different pricing system as well as special rates for large tech wasters (e.g. companies). They also take all forms of computers and computer related items like scanners and printers.
So yeah, if you can’t find local places to recycle your tech waste (because local is always better if you can get it), then please, for the love of all that’s green, go to these guys:-)