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Science kits galore!

June 24th, 2009 1 comment

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned the distinct lack of chemistry sets on our shelves in the last few decades. Well I was shopping at Book People the other day (one of Austin’s very cool local bookstores) and I came across National Geographic’s Elements of Science kit.
Elements of Science Kit
For $74.95 you can do 100 experiments in biology, chemistry and physics. It includes 112 page book that covers optics, light, electricity, chemical reactions and much much more. It’s a pretty basic kit for ages 10 and up.

But then I found this on the DiscoverThis website:
Chem3000 kit
The Chem3000 kit is a comprehensive chemistry set for ages 12 and up that covers over fifty topics relating specifically to chemistry.
The kit includes dozens of actual chemicals along with all the supplies needed to do 360 different experiments (including ones covering fuels and combustion… the most fun part of chemistry in my opinion).
Obviously these experiments need to be done with adult supervision. But I’m willing to bet that any parent that gets this kind of kit for their kid will have just as much fun helping with these experiments as their kid will have doing them. I know I would (now I just have to get around to having kids and raising them to age twelve… dang!).
There are dozens more kits on the DiscoverThis website covering everything from Astronomy to Zoology. They have Robot Kits (!!!) and Genetics and DNA kits too. Hopefully if more kids learn to have fun in science early on the US of A won’t be so woefully behind in producing the worlds leading scientists anymore.

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