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EyeClops Bio Cam For Kids

May 10th, 2009 No comments

I got Lasik about 4 years ago and it was one of the best decisions. I can see so clearly without contact lens or eye glasses. However, I did not get the 400x Zoom package procedure done to see into objects at the micro level. Well, at least now I can get the EyeClops Bio Cam to let me do that. Actually, it’s probably more suited to entertain and educate kids.

EyeClops Bioni Cam

EyeClops Bioni Cam

The EyeClops BioniCam Video Microscope from JAKKS Pacific let’s kids (Ages 8 and up)have fun by exploring their microscopic world by easily taking pictures and videos.

Bioni Cam

Bioni Cam

It runs on five AA batteries (not included) that are inserted into the blet clip battery pack. You also use the included USB memory ontop of the BioniCam to store videos and pictures.

The camera has an ergonomically shaped handle for long hours of fun. You can focus ona number of everyday objects like clothing, fur, hair, soil. EyeClops then shows you the images in real time and full color on your LCD screen. You can also use the menus on the screen to manage your video and photos.

The zoom dial works in either 100x, 200x or 400x magnification modes. You focus on an image by twisting the I.R.I.S. lens attachment until everything is in perspective. It does take some practice mostly due to shakes of your hand, but afterwards, you’ll be focusing soon.

EyeClops BioniCam