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Finger Drums

June 17th, 2009 No comments
Finger Drums

Finger Drums

Turn your drumming dreams into a reality with this touch sensitive Finger Drum Kit. Complete with a bass drum kick and cymbal, this desktop drum kit has both a record and a freestyle function.
The perfect gift for any drummer, talented or otherwise, the Finger Drum Kit is a must-have.
Not only does it provide a great way to exercise your fingers, you can turn yourself into a superstar drummer without leaving your desk. You could even play games with your work buds, friends and family by asking them to name the tune. Prepare to be swooned over by adoring fans, followed by groupies, and emails to flood in from world class booking agents… OK, a guy can dream, can’t he?

I just love playing the drums. Unfortunately, it is probably the least portable instrument out there. What if we can just miniaturize the drum set. Well, my wish has come true. the Finger Drum Kit lets you rock out with the touch of your fingers. It comes complete with a bass drum kick, cymbal, and toms. You can also record your finger beats and also features a freestyle function.

The Finger Drums also give your fingers excercise burning tons of calories (ok, maybe not that much). Become a rockstar at your office. Too bad it doesn’t come with Finger Groupies. Hmmm…