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128 GB capacity USB flash drive!

June 22nd, 2009 1 comment

Lately I’ve been shopping around for a USB flash drive. I’ve not had much of a need for one before, but seems like I do now. And I came across this…

Kingston flash USB drives

That’s right. 128 GB USB flash drive. This one is by Kingston. But I found another made by DiskGo (though it doesn’t look quite as cool). I hadn’t thought I would need such a high capacity USB drive, but now that I know it exists (it was just a matter of time really), well now I really REALLY NEED one. Though at $546.00 for the Kingston and $389.95 for the DiskGo I might need to rethink the need part a little.
They both have the ability to password protect, though sadly only on Windows (for now, hopefully).
But ultimately I like the Kingston better for the simple fact that it has a sliding USB connector. Great idea:-)
They come in 64GB and 32GB versions as well for significantly cheaper. I’ll probably have to go with one of those until I strike it rich with my brilliant screenplay. Heh.

Via OhGizmo!

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