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Google Sync Synchronizes Calendars and Contacts on Your Mobile Phone

February 10th, 2009 No comments
Google Sync

Google Sync

Google Sync is a cloud service that keeps your Google Contacts and Calendar in sync wirelessly on your iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, or Windows Mobile phone. This is a much needed service since there are not many solutions for syncing to the cloud besides NuevaSync

Microsoft Exchange server is required for Google Sync  to store all of your contact and calendar data over the air in another example of their “cloud computing”. When adding a new appointment on your desktop, Google Sync will push the update to your phone. Alternatively, when you make a change to your phone contacts or calender, it is automatically synced to your Google account in the cloud.

Right now Google’s sync is compatible with the iPhone (or iPod touch, incidentally), BlackBerry, Nokia S60, Nokia standard, Sony Ericsson, or Windows Mobile phone. Check out their site for instructions. Google Sync Beta for your mobile phone


  • Synchronize your contacts. Get your Google contacts quickly and easily to your phone. With Sync, you can have access to your address book at anytime and place that you need it.
  • Get calendar alerts. Using your phone’s native calendar, you can now access your Google calendar, and be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration.
  • Always in sync. Your contacts stay synchronized whether you access them from your phone or from your computer. Add or edit contact information right on your device or on your Google account on the web.

We’d love to hear your comments and see how it works for you and your phone.