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Big A** Gun

April 8th, 2009 No comments

I have a daughter.  Soon she will be dating.  I have only one thing to say about that:  STAY AWAY FROM HER YOU SICK FRAKS!  And to encourage you to stay far FAR away from her, I will soon be purchasing this:

aa-12-combat-shotgun-frag-12-automaticThis is the AA-12 combat shotgun.  I don’t know who makes it (but I’ll soon find out) and I don’t know how much it costs (nor do I care).  I will be purchasing this sexy machine of death to mete out swift justice on any boy who dares to ask my daughter out.  I will be greeting him at the door with its fully automatic drum feeder locked and loaded with 20 sweet angels of death.  I will laugh at his swiftly expanding wet stain as I pump the first shell into the chamber.  I will be firing five rounds per second at the boy’s swiftly retreating ass using a combination of incendiary shells and fragmentory grenade shells.  This sweet new best friend has so little recoil that it can be fired one-handed by a strong man.  Have I mentioned that I’ve been working out?  A LOT?  Oh yea.  On second thought – go ahead.  Ask her out.  I dare ya.

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Fly-Goodbye Pistol Shoots Flies

March 17th, 2009 No comments
Fly GoodBye

Fly GoodBye

Flies inside our homes are a health risk. They carry germs and bacteria that infest our food. Meet the Fly-Goodbye gun and say hasta la vista to your fly problem. There is no need for using a fly swatter and then cleaning up the mess. The Fly-Goodbye leaves no evidence.

This pistol makes taking care of flies fun. The Fly GoodBye has glue inside the front tube that traps the fly. Pump the gun to create air pressure and when you’re within 1 to 3cm, shoot. If you are not naturally a sharp shooter, you can use the bullseye to help guide the gun. The gun basically sucks the fly in and is trapped by the glue.

The gun runs about $30 when it comes out in May.

Via Coolest Gadgets

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