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Thin is in – iDrive Portable USB Powered Hard Drive

March 2nd, 2009 No comments

America is obsessed with thin.  We want to know all about who’s gaining weight and who’s losing it.  Well we gadget nuts are obsessed with thin too, but in our own geek way.  Thus I present to you the iDrive, the thinnest portable USB hard drive on the market.

fun_port1_newfun_port2_new1This skinny puppy holds 320GB of data accessible at 5400RPM, which is faster than the hard drive of most laptops.  It’s 10mm high.  It’s powered completely by the USB connection to your laptop.  And it’s brushed aluminum.  Tres chic, tres cool.  And it’s eminently reasonable at $70.  Check it out at iDrive.

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