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Aerodynamic helmets

July 9th, 2009 No comments

WIth the Tour De France underway and my hometown hero, Lance Armstrong, performing as strong as ever (I hope nothing happens between now and the time this actually posts), I thought I’d post some tech related to cycling.
Cycling may seem like an awfully low tech kind of sport. It involves lots of muscle and sweat, and pretty much no electronic gadgets at all, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of science that goes into helmet design.

cycling helmet

The Rudy Project Wingspan TT Helmet, which was just announced for the Tour and is in use by the German team Milram, has shown between and six and thirteen second benefit over competitors in a 40km test trial performed by an independent testing lab.
I’m sure you know that races like this can be won and lost based on milliseconds. So every advance they can make in aerodynamic helmets gives an edge to the competitors.

I myself don’t cycle for speed and therefor won’t be spending the $299.99 they’ll be asking for this helmet when it comes out on the market.
But I’ll definitely be interested to know how much of a difference it will make for the German team who are sporting them this year.

Here is their (rather uninformative) YouTube video for the helmet:

Via Popular Science