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Get REALLY clean with the Aquapeutics Shower.

March 9th, 2009 No comments

I have a thing for showers.  Love ’em.  So when I saw this, it was lust at first sight.


It’s a shower, it’s a steam room, and it’s a bathtub, so it’s uber-economical (or at least that’s what you can tell your significant other when it shows up on your doorstep to be installed).  The only thing this baby doesn’t come with is an arm to wash you automatically.  Aquapeutics will even take PayPal if you want to order it.  You can plug in your iPod, fire up its TV, turn on the steam, and sit in clean comfort all day.  Or until your body turns into a giant prune.


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Not quite grass between the toes but still…

February 25th, 2009 No comments

I’ve become an eco-gadget nut.  This is something I’d put in my bathroom (assuming one day I can actually afford to rip the thing down to the ground and rebuild it).

The moss grows in a medium that provides support for both it and you.  The water dripping off you keeps it moisturized.  Moss can survive the dark dankness that is your bathroom.  And every shower you take would be a little reminder that the water you use comes from somewhere, and that even “waste” water is useful to something living somewhere.

It’s not available yet – it’s just an idea in someone’s head (check out the creator’s page at coroflot) but this is the sort of thing that SHOULD be made real.  Versus, oh things like Windows Mobile 6, which should never have been created in the first place.

Good Morning Coffee

February 25th, 2009 No comments

Every morning in the northeastern United States, millions of people wake up, stumble around in the cold to make their coffee, and then stand around in the cold waiting for their coffee to brew.  Thankfully, someone had the smarts to invent a coffee maker that is able to have coffee ready when you get out of bed.

Timer set coffee makers may not be the newest innovation or piece of gadgetry, but you have to admit that they are very convenient.  The newest in the line of coffee makers sport awesome neon lights, an alarm clock, and a timer that will have your coffee ready when you wake up.  The more upscale additions are able to accomodate larger groups (12 cups) and come with such other features as a temperature adjustable hot plate,  and easy clean up.