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Backup Plan

February 9th, 2009 No comments

Remember when Mom nagged – er, reminded you not to slouch? Good advice, but not just because it looks bad. Over time, the strain poor posture puts on your body can cause serious health problems like muscle spasms, reduced lung capacity and a spine “stuck” in an excessively curved position. (So while your face probably won’t freeze like that, your back just might.) More bad news: maintaining a sitting position for hours at a time (like many of us do at work) makes it difficult to maintain good posture, and puts extra stress on the discs in your spine.

You probably can’t take Mom to work with you, but you can wear the iPosture monitor. This battery operated disc, which can be attached to the skin with included stickers or even hooked to a bra strap, monitors the angle of your chest several times per second. When it senses that you aren’t at your best personal stance (which you get to set, as it varies from person to person), the iPosture vibrates. Ideally, once the iPosture trains you to maintain proper posture, you’ll need it less and less. At $74.95, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a lot more attractive than a back brace.

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