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August 5th, 2009 No comments

Last week I discovered while researching the floating apartment complex and it has quickly become one of my favorite sites. It indulges in two of the things I am most passionate about: sustainable living and innovative design.
I want to share three of my favorite things that I have so far discovered and that are accessible to the average consumer, not just a mere curiosity or cool concept.

The first are the stackable fridge units. They remind me a bit of my Tetris playing youth.
Lego fridge

There are a number of reasons why these are awesome.
First, you can buy just the space you need. Perfect for college dorms or single people living in efficiencies (Japan, I’m looking at you… mostly).
Second, If you have roommates you can separate your stuff more easily and hopefully avoid the inevitable who-ate-what arguments.
Third, these fridges also conserve energy. Instead of opening one giant fridge and letting all the cold air out, you only open one section, letting a little cold air out at a time.
Finally, each unit can be set to it’s own temperature. So chill your wine in one fridge and keep your fruits and veggies in another fridge that maybe isn’t quite so cold. The back of my current fridge gets so cold that if I’m not paying attention, the 4 eggs in the back of the package will freeze. Ever try scrambling frozen eggs? The texture isn’t quite there, you know?


Next on my list are the cassette tape lamps.
cassette lamps 1
cassette lamps

I wish I had thought of this before I dumped all my cassette tapes (this was years ago before I was conscious enough to try and do something else with them).
These lamps are very cool and would be even cooler with my collection of New Wave and Punk Rock tapes. Sadly those tapes are gone but I can still order one made with someone else’s recycled tapes. But if YOU have any tapes you can send them in and have a lamp made just for you! The light patterns on the walls are particularly gorgeous, especially when there is a stack of them.

living chair
Last but not least are the pieces of living furniture. There are several designs, some for indoor, some for outdoor.

This particular one doesn’t seem super comfy, but it certainly looks cool.

However, my favorite is the lawn chair.
Picture 5
It’s a chair landscaped into your lawn. As soon as I get a lawn, I’m making one of these (or several, probably). I may even make a table to go with it, all overgrown with grass. Then I’ll invite over Alice and the Mad Hatter (aka: Johnny Depp) and we’ll have the trippiest tea party there ever was!


It’s good for you!

February 26th, 2009 No comments

Research has shown that anti-oxidants are good for you.  One of the best sources of anti-oxidants is red wine.  But if you’re like me, the tannins in red wine drive you nuts, and you’d rather drink beer.  Well this product is for you.

embodiEmbodi’s tasty mix of organic fruit juices, water, and other natural ingredients provides the anti-oxidant payload of two glasses of red wine.  It is only 95 calories too, making it one of the lowest calorie anti-oxidant drinks on the market.

No, it doesn’t taste like wine and it won’t give you a buzz.  But it will give you a fast, tasty way to keep yourself healthy.  You DO want to keep yourself healthy right?

Take a nap at work the stylish way with The Nappak

February 3rd, 2009 2 comments

Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube

Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube

The Nappak lets the ultra hard working office junkie nap or sleep at work the Jetson’s way. It is portable and designed by these guys Apparently, the guys at Google uses this. And we want to thank Nappak for supporting them, if it not were them, our lives wouldn’t be easier. So imagine what it could do for you and your office? However, I would ask your boss first before coming in with this. Uh, unless you are the boss.

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