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Beautiful wind powered lighting

April 13th, 2010 1 comment

Sometimes I fantasize about living off the grid (how I’ll ever get by without my laptop really is a fantasy if you ask me)… but the dream is always shattered when I start thinking about practical things, like light. Where will my light come from after dark, because I’m not buying a year supply of candles or kerosene. Leave it up to the fine folks at to come up with the perfect answer.

Bamboo Flow Lights from Igendesign.

The bamboo flow lights are a self-sustaining public lighting solution that is based on the principle of vertical wind power plants. Not only are they beautiful but they can catch the wind from any directions. In addition it is made entirely from bamboo (an abundant, sustainable and renewable resource) and recyclable electronic components (LEDs, wires and dynamo).
Initially designed for the coastal areas in Columbia, where they can’t get connected to the grid, this design is about to be tested in several other places. So keep your eyes open as these could be popping up in a city near you.


Shower Light

February 14th, 2009 No comments
Shower Light

Shower Light

Is your shower getting a little boring? This Shower Light adds some colorful fun to your daily routine. It shines light to the water head depending on the temperature. This can help you know when the water is too hot or too cold. Even better, the Shower Light does not require an additional power source. It uses an internal turbine that drives the LED lights.

Product Features

  • Lets you know when the water is hot! Fun for the entire family.
  • Never have a surprise cold shower again! Turn the water on and a flood of blue light shines down through the shower stream– cool blue and refreshing.
  • As the water heats up (89 degrees Fahrenheit / 32 degrees Celsius), the LED light changes to red, letting you know that the water is hot and ready.
  • Item measures 4-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 4 1/2-inches long.
  • You’ll never be surprised by a too-hot or too-cold shower again!

Shower Light

Via GadgetGrid