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Travel Honey GPS detector finds your parked car

May 27th, 2009 1 comment

While I am elephantine in many ways,  memory is not one of them.  I am constantly wracking my brain when it comes to remembering where I’ve placed my keys or my wallet or my girlfriend.  And finding my ride in a megamall parking lot is a royal pain.  Until now.


Travel Honey GPS detector

This handy dandy little gadget is a multifunction GPS tagger and location finder.  Can’t remember where you parked your car?  Well just remember to hold down its little locator button before you leave your car.  A two-second press will lock the current GPS coordinates into its little brain.  Then when you’ve loaded yourself down with consumerism goodies, use the direction finder to navigate yourself back to the set coordinates (and your car).

But that’s not all.  It is connectable (and rechargable) via a micr0-USB port.  When connected, the dongle acts as a GPS unit for your PC, meaning you can use software like Streets and Trips to navigate yourself to your next megamall destination.  It is constantly recording your GPS coordinates so you can plot all that data using Google Maps or Google Earth.  It even provides software to allow you to attach pictures to GPS points.


Travel Honey GPS detector

All that for only $54.  A bargain.

First Store 4 U GPS Receiver + Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger

Via Chinavasion via Geekalerts via DVICE.