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Stay warm and charged, even in the mountains

November 4th, 2009 No comments

There is now a new way to charge your mobile devices on the go and keep you warm during the cold seasons. A company called Ardica has developed a civilian version of it’s versatile military battery pack. It’s called Ardica’s Moshi Power System.


Seven 2.75-inch lithium-ion batteries are linked inside a foam sleeve that can slip into the back of your jacket (the one pictured here is from Mountain Hardware but this power pack will work on any jacket wired for heat). The battery pack holds enough power to drive heat-creating yarn and send current to a USB cord in a jacket pocket. And it’s light enough and flexible enough that you probably won’t even notice you are wearing it.
You can get about 9 hours of heat or about 11 iPhone charges before you have to plug the battery pack back in.

The Ardica Moshi Power System is $145 (adapters are an additional $50).

Via Popular Science Gadgets