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Get a custom Monster by Mail

May 22nd, 2009 No comments

We’re all a little vain.  Me more than most.  So the chance to get something customized just for you is always a good thing.  Mass customization is what is going to save musicians when the record companies all fail.  So I encourage you all to go and check out this neato site:  Monsters by Mail.


For mere $25, Len will draw you a customized monster based on a name that you send him.  For $35, he’ll send you a link to a YouTube video that shows him drawing your customized monster.

This year the theme is Supervillains.  Send him the crazy ass nickname you had in college (unless it was something like Captain Ass) and see what he turns it into.  Or better yet, pick a name for your dad and get him a unique Father’s Day gift rather than that blue Brooks Brothers tie (boring!).

Last year’s theme was Zombies.  I sent in a request for a Tai Chi Zombie and this is what I got: