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Multi-tune Vitamin

May 27th, 2009 No comments

I’ll be the first to admit that my love for my iPod is nearly boundless. And the new Shuffle design has me practically giddy. 1.8″ by .3″ and the new VoiceOver feature is going to be hard to beat.
However, there’s got to be room for more than just Apple style. A new MP3 player is about to come on to the market that while probably not giving the Shuffle a run for its money should at least make the playing field more interesting.
Introducing The Vitamin from iXing

ixing vitamin

Designed by Sangnam Park, this little pill is actually an MP3 player. It supports only MP3 and WMA files (which means I’m not getting it since my entire library is in AAC format, a far superior format to MP3 imo). It also has a 30 channel FM tuner, though seriously I don’t really know anyone that listens to the radio anymore. Even I get my NPR via the internet these days.
Other than the novelty of its looks I really don’t think it can outdo the Shuffle. But I do think style is a valid consideration when shopping for an MP3 player so I can’t count it out just yet. I honestly like the design. To change tracks you just twist the pill one way, or to go back a track, twist it the other way. I also like the display, which the Shuffle lacks.
I don’t know yet how they are going to manage volume control (possibly on the head phones themselves?).
Also there is no info on the capacity, at least none that I could find. But it should hold a minimum of 1000 songs (or appox. 4 GB) if it wants to be competitive.

via Gizmodo

The Phone Watch by LG

February 22nd, 2009 No comments
The 3G Touch Watch

The 3G Touch Watch

It seems that science fiction and action movies have paved the way for the phone watch by LG. This watch is a touch screen that premiered at CES 2009. The phone includes a built-in camera for video telephony. It also features 7.2Mbps HSDPA network support and Bluetooth connectivity. The screen on the phone watch is a more 1.43 inch touchscreen. It is also water resistant for you water fanatics. Music folks, you won’t be disappointed. It can play MP3 through the built in small speakers.

Via Gadget Spy

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Listen to Music Just Like Barbie

February 14th, 2009 No comments

Saturday morning commercials are what kids live for. They tell kids which cereals to nag their parents for, what new PopTart flavors to try, and what great new toys are coming out. During my time in childhood, I can remember an endless stream of commercials promoting Barbie accessories. It seems that the people over at Mattel have done it again.

Music, Barbie Style!

Music, Barbie Style!

Now young girls (presumably) can listen to music just like Barbie with the pink mp3 player made to look like a make-up compact. While listening to the music, Barbie and the listener can check their hair, makeup, and teeth just to make sure they are perfect.

While the new Barbie mp3 is pretty cool, I think I will stick with my iPod for just a little longer…