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Another Reason Why MySpace Is Irrelevant

August 13th, 2009 No comments

I sometimes receive a Friend Request whenever I log into MySpace. The majority of the friend request in my music profile on MySpace are from other bands (also known as band spam). I do try to listen to them and if I like their music, I confirm the request and post something on their wall like “Hey, great music! I dig!”.

But sometimes I do receive Friend Requests where the Profile No Longer Exists. I assume that these are spam accounts that were detected after the request was sent. However, having an avatar with No Photo and status of This Profile No Longer Exists has not purpose. You cannot click on it and it doesn’t provide any value to the user.

Why can’t MySpace simply not show any of these This Profile No Longer Exists messages of these deleted accounts? The user cannot track what the profile originally looked like so what’s the point? There is no added value to displaying these items. Why has this been over looked for so long?

MySpace No Longer Exists

MySpace No Longer Exists or Is Relevant